FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Which printing type is best for cotton bags?
Screen print / Transfer print. Normally we use screen print for our cotton bags. If you are interested in this type of printing, please contact us.
Is it possible to apply an all-over print to cotton bags, i.e. outside the specified printing surface?
Yes, if printed in the Far East it is possible to print your bags before they are made up. This way you gain a lot of space and can get an all-over print.
What about special designs?
Of course we can produce special designs for you. We produce according to your specific requirements from a minimum of 500 pieces upwards (depending on material and size) .
Are other colours available than those shown in the shop?
Of course. From a minimum of 2,000 pieces (3,600 for smaller bags such as BAG103) we can supply you with bags in any colour of your choice.
Which colour system is used for the printing?
We work with the Pantone® or HKS® scales.
What is a proof copy?
A proof copy is the image sketch of a bag showing the size and printing to help the customer to review and (if necessary) correct the bag before giving the final okay for production.
What is a print sample?
With the print sample the customer gets a 1:1 sample of the bag and sees the exact final product. This is highly recommendable for large orders or complicated logos. On request, in the case of productions in the Far East a print sample is produced at no extra charge and a photo of it is sent via mail. If you require the print sample in its original form we have to charge you approx. €30.00 for courier costs. If printed in Germany the production of a print sample will be charged individually according to the order.
I want a light print on a dark bag. Is that possible?
It is possible! But an additional white print must be applied before the light print required can be applied. This is necessary in order for the light colour to be presented effectively.