PET Recycling Bags R-PET

PET Recycling Bags R-PET – From bottle to bag

Our PET recycling bags R-PET(also known as Re-PET bags) are environmentally friendly permanent bags that are made of recycled PET bottles. Important for a job as a successful promo bag: The surface is ideal for printing, making the reproduction of colors and motifs very realistic and bringing out very clear outlines.

PET Recycling bags R-PET make ideal tote bags for all kinds of groceries, for instance. The material is food-safe and harmless to health. R-PET promotional bags stand for environmental sustainability. Ideal if you are in search of an eco-friendly promo bag.

How is a Recycling PET bag produced? Used bottles from the recycling waste circuit are cleaned, shredded and turned into new PET chips. The chips are processed into yarn that is woven to create our sustainable permanent bags. R-PET is stable, tear-resistant and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. After the life-cycle as a promo bag it can be returned into the recycling process again and again.

Our PET Recycling bags R-PET are especially custom-made for each client, according to individual requirements. The minimum order quantity your unique sustainable promo bag is only 1.000 pieces!

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