Promotional Bags

Let others do the work for you! Our promotional bags will carry your advertising message: Right to your potential target group – all over the world.
  • ZShopping bags are ideal inexpensive promo gifts.
  • ZSample cases will accompany your sales representatives to successful business visits.
  • ZSports bags and weekenders will bring your marketing messages into your customers private lifes.
Which other promotion item can establish up to 1038 view contacts? The long turnaround time and sustainability of carry bags make them a winning product in marketing.

Just as YOU like. Pick your choice from our huge range of materials. We will help you create a suiting design and find just the right placement for your logo or advertising message. So let’s make your promo bag do a good promo job.

  • Zfor your marketing projects
  • Zfor your products
  • Zfor your event
  • Zfor your sales representatives
Promo Taschen / Werbetaschen von Igro

Do you want to know more about our products?

Welcome to our website for advertising bags and promo bags!

Are you looking for customized advertising bags and promo bags? You’ve come to the right place! We offer tailored solutions for sustainable and cost-effective promotion starting from a minimum order quantity of 1000 bags. Let us help you promote your brand while making a positive impact on the environment.

Our Selection of Advertising Bags:

Bags made from recycled PET bottles

In our product line, you’ll find a wide variety of advertising bags made from recycled PET bottles. These eco-friendly bags provide a sustainable solution for your promotional needs. With your custom logo or message printed on them, they become an effective advertising tool that also helps protect the environment.

Cotton bags

Another popular option for advertising bags is cotton bags. These versatile bags are made from high-quality cotton and offer a durable yet comfortable carrying option for everyday use. With our extensive stock, we can quickly print cotton bags and PP nonwoven fabric bags in our German printing facility, starting from 100 pieces. Showcase your brand on these long-lasting bags and reach a wide audience.

Tyvek bags

Our Tyvek bags are a modern and trendy choice. Tyvek is a tear-resistant material that is also water-repellent and lightweight. The bags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and provide an excellent surface for your custom print. Advertise with style and uniqueness using our Tyvek bags.

Washable  Paper bags (Papelin bags)

Our washable Paper bags are not only eco-friendly but also machine washable. Made from a special material that is water-resistant and durable, these bags offer an excellent alternative to conventional single-use bags. With your promotional message printed on them, they ensure a long-lasting and sustainable advertising impact.

Large Stock with Fast Printing

In addition to our extensive selection, we also have a large stock of cotton bags and PP nonwoven fabric bags. These bags can be quickly printed in our German printing facility, starting from a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. Take advantage of this option to quickly and efficiently obtain your advertising bags and kick-start your promotional campaign.

Invest in advertising bags and promo bags that effectively promote your brand while also being environmentally conscious. Our range of bags made from recycled PET bottles, cotton bags, Tyvek bags, and washable Papelin bags provides you with diverse options to showcase your promotional message. Contact us today and let’s find the perfect advertising bags for your business!