Packaging - private labeling

Hang Tags

We design and produce custom product packaging. Whether you need product inserts, product wrappers, labels or hang tags with or without Euro hole, whether plain or cut into shape.

Your product can be equipped with display friendly packaging, e.g. for placement at the POS, precisely where the sales are being made. Declaration and design according to your requirements, in multiple languages, with bar code and user information.

Data handling and data transfer are also part of our services.


Textile labels / woven labels

Woven labels offer high haptic and visual quality and upgrade even inexpensive promotional bags or other textile promo products. We manufacture our woven labels from best yarns.

Custom-made labels (poly-satin or cotton) can be obtained as promotional labels in many Pantone colors, with or without a centerfold. Simply design your label with your own logo or any desired topic – we will manufacture it for you!

Using modern looms and computer-aided design, we can weave even difficult details. Pick your choice from glossy and matt quality.