Technical Bags / Special Cases

When it really it matters in a job: When there’s no time to lose, when every item has to be exactly in the right place – then our Technical Bags and Special Cases come into play. Such as
  • ZCustom-designed bags for emergency squads,
  • ZSpecial Bags for sensitive electronic devices
  • ZCases for special tools
IGRO helps you to clearly organize and present your important and valuable contents. IGRO Technical Bags and Special Bags allow fast and targeted work to ensure efficiency and life-saving speed. They are reliable companions in everyday work – even under rough conditions. Your Special Bag – made by IGRO
  • ZSpecial bags for rescue units
  • ZBags and cases for portable medical devices
  • ZSales representative promo cases
  • ZAccessory cases for mobile professions
  • ZTool bags for the industry
  • ZLog portfolios for motor vehicle manufacturers and mechanical engineers
IGRO Technical Bags and Special Bags are in worldwide use. They facilitate the daily work by providing specific adaptations to individual requirements.
Technische Taschen / Spezialtaschen von Igro

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