Customised Designs

Infinite variety!

We can supply you with every imaginable kind of promotional bag. Produced especially for you according to your requirements. And fulfilling two important purposes – because in the first place attractive presentation packaging with an additional benefit presents your new product in a positive light before being put to a different use by the customer. And so your company logo and your promotional message remain alive! Few other customer relationship marketing tools are as effective as promotional bags.

We are the experts for your presentation packaging. Whether you choose PVC foil, polyester (nylon®), PP, cotton or canvas – we will find unconventional solutions for your unique product presentation because the more attractive the packaging, the more attractive the content.

Make sure you order your customised design in good time. Then you can enjoy the benefits of the high quality and inexpensive manufacturing skills of our long-time partners in the Far East!

We produce for you:

  • mobile phone pockets
  • makeup bags
  • bike bags
  • first aid kits
  • toilet bags
  • pencil cases
  • backpacks
  • organizers
  • conference folders
  • computer bags
  • business cases
  • sport bags
  • shopping bags
  • trade fair bags
  • cool bags
  • bumbags
  • suit bags
  • toilet bags
  • beauty cases
  • equestrian accessories
  • shoulder bags
  • messenger bags
  • purses...