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Paperbag with net material for strong hold

Paperbag ‘Netti’ with even-weave net base

Strong paperbag ‘Netti’: with biodegradable even-weave net


Very special paperbag ‘Netti’: a sustainable shopping bag with a woven net of threads for extra strength. This reinforced paper is an amazingly strong material with excellent recycling qualities. The sustainable material can easily be processed  into durable bags for shopping or packaging.

50 % of the paper used in this bag come from recycled paper. The appearance is that of an eco-friendly paper bag with the inside of a permanent bag.

Used as promotional item the surface of this special bag can be printed with very good results. Try our fast and reliable printing service. Here we offer you a sustainable and eco-friendly promo bag for clients that care for our environment.



  • large printing area
  • durable and tear-resistant
  • eco-friendly: 50 % recycled paper
  • minimum order quantity: 5.000 pieces


  • Article-No.  PA001_11:     Size 38 x 40 x 10 cm
  • Article-No.  PA001_12:    Size 47 x 35 x 12
  • Article-No.  PA001_13:    Size 50 x 40 x 20
  • Surface with /without lamination (glossy/matt)
  • available in cream-white or packing paper-brown

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