MERCHANDISING = Passion + Marketing

MERCHANDISING=Passion + Marketing


Merchandising made to fit

Passion is a powerful machine, particularly the passion of your fans. A top merchandising collection makes the hearts of club fans, athlete admirers and product brand sympathizers beat faster and makes them to influential brand ambassadors. As merchandising customers fans are a gold mine.

Help your fans identify themselves with your brand. This is best achieved if the quality of design and workmanship are in line with expectations. Accordingly, we go to work carefully. Our merchandising carry bags help your fans to show a visible identification with popular figures. They also combine pleasure with multiple benefits: affinity plus useful bags plus advertising function.

Our services:

  • concept and consulting
  • design and development
  • production and monitoring
  • storage and logistics

We have for you a merchandising team that will help and assist – with passion – your merchandising needs and with individual fan articles that will continually reinforce your relationships with your fans!