Promotional bags made from recycled PET plastic – Fashionable and Trendy: Embracing Style with Recycled PET Bags


In today’s environmentally conscious world, businesses have the opportunity to make a positive impact while promoting their brand. One effective way to achieve this is by using promotional bags made from recycled PET plastic, derived from beverage bottles.

The Environmental Benefits of Recycled PET Plastic Bags

These bags not only serve as functional and stylish accessories but also contribute to a sustainable future by conserving valuable resources and reducing plastic waste. Here’s why the ecological reuse of recycled PET plastic in printed promotional bags is a powerful choice:

  1. Eco-friendly brand building: Promotional bags made from recycled PET plastic demonstrate a company’s commitment to environmental responsibility. By associating your brand with sustainable practices, you showcase your dedication to making a difference. This aligns with the values of many consumers who actively seek Eco-friendly options and are more likely to support companies that share their environmental concerns.
  2. Maximizing brand visibility: Promotional bags act as mobile billboards for your brand. When people carry these bags, they become walking advertisements, presenting your logo and message to a wide audience. By choosing recycled PET bags, you enhance the impact of your brand presence as they resonate with environmentally conscious consumers. This leaves a positive impression and increases the likelihood of your brand being remembered and recommended.
  3. Durability and re-usability: One significant advantage of promotional bags made from recycled PET plastic is their durability. These bags are designed to withstand daily use and keep your logo visible over an extended period. By providing customers with high-quality and reusable PET bags, you contribute to reducing single-use plastic waste. This practical and sustainable approach enhances the perceived value of your brand and fosters customer loyalty.
  4. Adaptability and versatility: Recycled PET bags can be customized with printed logos, allowing you to create personalized promotional items that reflect your brand identity. From vibrant colors to eye-catching designs, these bags offer a range of customization options to meet your marketing requirements. Whether distributed at trade shows, events, or as part of a customer loyalty program, they serve as unique and Eco-friendly branding tools that leave a lasting impression.
  5. Alignment with customer values: Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of their environmental footprint and seek products and brands that share their values. By offering promotional bags made from recycled PET plastic, you establish a deeper connection with your target audience. Customers appreciate companies that prioritize sustainability and are more likely to engage with brands actively contributing to environmental conservation.

Promotional bags made from recycled PET plastic with printed logos offer a win-win solution for businesses and the environment. IGRO supports you in promoting your brand in an environmentally friendly way by offering these bags in various sizes, starting from a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces. They provide an effective branding tool while promoting sustainability and raising awareness about the importance of recycling and material reuse. By choosing these bags, you present your brand as a responsible company and inspire customers to make Eco-conscious decisions. Together, we can create positive change and build a greener future, one promotional bag at a time.


Key facts:


  • recycled PET plastic bags made from post-consumer bottles
  • demonstrate environmental responsibility to consumers
  • mobile billboards for increased brand visibility
  • durable and reusable, reducing single-use plastic waste
  • customizable with printed logos for personalized branding
  • align with customer values and promotes sustainability
  • practical choice blending function, style, and eco-consciousness
  • minimum order quantity starting from 1000 pieces.