Ihre Vorteile:

You can obtain everything related to promotional bags and other promotional products conveniently from a single source, in other words: full service.

  • cotton bags
  • PP bags (woven, non-woven)
  • jute bags (non-woven)
  • canvas bags
  • neoprene® bags
  • felt bags
  • top-quality advice
  • professional development
  • custom finishing
  • large warehouse
  • fast and inexpensive printing
  • customised products
  • Our consultants are available 5 days a week from 8 am – 5 pm continuously. Whether you require help choosing the most suitable promotional product for you, need information on customised products, or would like to find out if your corporate logo can be pictured on your article of choice – we are here to assist you.

    Plus: We permanently have more than 350 express articles for you in stock.